Putting people at the heart! We help you grow

We are a Design Thinking  IOEE Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship that helps you grow your business by getting the mindset, knowledge, and tools that people at Google, Apple, Fidelity, P&G, AirBnB, SAP use.

Innovators are not born, they are made. Our Academy programmes aim exactly that, help you build your creative confidence, give you practice in skills and tools in the safe environment of the learning space, and get you ready to use the process of design thinking innovation and the mindset of a problem solver in your daily life and work.

What can we offer you?

  1. Design Thinking Courses and Bootcamps.
  2. Design Thinking for Organisational Innovation
  3. Our weekly dose of Inspire to Innovate
  4. Consultancy, training and coaching in Business Acceleration and Growth through Innovation
  5. Storytelling for success. Chcck our course calendar here.

All our Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship Programmes award you IOEE certificates that are respected and recognised in UK and internationally.

contact us at julia@gconsultancy.org for a demo, a taster, or a consultation.