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Design Thinking Innovation

Our G Academy offers the following courses:

InnoWorkout (2 hours)

you will dive into an experiential activity that gives you the taste of the mindset, process and tools of design thinking. It’s the equivalent of a zumba session for innovation.

Introduction to Design Thinking ( One day)

Learn what design thinking is, where it is used and not, get the mindset, process and key tools that you can go back to your desk and use straightaway. Learn Design Thinking in London, Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Budapest, Warsaw, Krakow, Durres, Tirana and other cities.  Contact us at if you’d like to bring Design Thinking to your city.

Introduction to Design Thinking ( Two days)

We are all expected to innovate in whatever we do, bring new products, new services, find efficiencies, do more with less, motivate and engage the employees, create excellence in customer service, adopt new ways of working, make good use of technologies in the digital age. The big question is HOW? How do you innovate?

Train the Trainer ( 4 days)  London.  A six months programme in London ( 3 days Workshop in London plus two virtual mentoring webinars) Take the course and the mentoring and become a design thinking facilitator. Train the trainers programme also creates your design thinking facilitators in-house as catalysts for innovation. Join the smart innovative companies that do that, like P&G, Catalyst, NovoNordisk.

We all have experienced getting excited during a workshop and once we are back to our desks, it is business as usual. That’s why we stopped doing “just workshops”. Following the workshop, you will be part of our virtual programme, which gives you access to tools as you need them and two coaching sessions as you start using the process and tools. We will be there to help you use the new knowledge and skills in your own work context.

Open Innovation Bootcamp ( 2 days)

You have a challenge, tap into the ideas of a diverse group of people and 48 hours later you leave with several prototypes. We do not stop there. We help you turn the prototype into reality. We also help you nurture the connections you create during the Bootcamp to build meaningful networks for learning and innovation.

Coming up:

17th April                Introduction to Design Thinking ( 1 Day)

18th April               Tell the story of your startup for Success ( 1 day)

31st  1st April         Design Thinking Facilitation ( 2 days+2 coaching sessions)

10th 11th April      Design thinking for HR ( 2 days)

All our Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship Programmes award you IOEE certificates that are respected and recognised in UK and internationally.

Check out some of the courses in action in the picture gallery.