Storytelling for Business Success

Storytelling has been making waves as a powerful leadership tool. At Nike, all the senior executives are designated corporate storytellers. At Google, the chief evangelist is also storyteller in chief. Some of the most successful companies in the world, Microsoft, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, NASA, and the World Bank are skilling their leaders to use storytelling to connect to their clients and employees as well as to influence internationally.

How good a storyteller are you? How good are your presentation skills not only in your own language but in English too? After all, as leaders we all need to reach out internationally to bring our stories to wider audiences for impact and influence. In the past few years, we have been inspired by many storytellers through TED talks. Can you learn to be as good as a TED speaker or are they born storytellers? Steve Jobs’ example of transformation from a hesitant speaker to the most inspiring presenter gives the answer.


As leaders presenting internally or externally, in planned or spontaneous circumstances, we aim to communicate who we are, what values we have in order to develop trust, to motivate our people, to secure support from stakeholders, to move our audience to take action. Data alone can not do it. Time to get skilled in crafting a message that informs and inspires, that is impactful and memorable, that reaches the audiences where they are. From a tweet to a speaker’s platform, anybody can learn to be a better presenter.

Based on years of experience of training and coaching people to use their verbal, audio and visual skills, we have developed this hands-on training/coaching to help you as a leader become a confident and inspiring presenter internationally.

Our immersive, structured 3 days programme takes you on a journey of discovering your inner storyteller, creating your leadership presence, structuring the message for multi-channels, using your body language, voice projection, and connectedness with the audience for impact and influencing.

Our three stage approach aims to take you on a hands-on journey to master how to Empathise with the Audience in order to connect with their minds and hearts, how to Craft the Message with clarity, simplicity and beauty by creating coherent structures for impact and influence, how to Deliver memorable international presentations that engage and inspire

Some of the KEY TOOLS that you will practice are Empathy, Active Listening, Story Boards, Structure and Formats, Message plans, Managing nerves, Using props, Creating presence, weaving facts and stories for persuasion and emotional connection.

The programme is designed to work with small groups of  leaders that want to excel in how they present in front of an international audience. The programme brings a rich mix of input from facilitators, presentations and exercises, individual feedback, video feedback and individual action plan. Following the three day programme, the leader is offered 2 coaching sessions within six months.

Certificate Awarded: Gconsultancy Innovation is an IOEE Academy. At the completion of the course, you will be awarded an IOEE certificate, which is recognised in the UK and internationally. This programme is based on years of experience at the BBC, combined with human-centred Design Thinking and research insights from the Future of Work Consortium, which highlighted the need for including storytelling skills in leadership and talent development.

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