About us

GCONSULTANCY INNOVATION brings together an ecosystem of experienced design thinkers, user experience designers, service designers, innovation managers, journalists, communicators, trainers, facilitators, consultants with demonstrated ability to inspire, lead and work with people and organizations of diverse cultural, disciplinary, geographical and political backgrounds. Our group of  “knowmads” have deep knowledge of the complexities of working in developed and developing countries, conflict and post-conflict societies, former communist and transitional democracies and the sensitivities arising when these different cultures work together.

Photo on 2013-04-16 at 09.45Julia Goga-Cooke is an academic, journalist, innovation network architect and entrepreneur. She specialises in creating collaborative networks for innovation, and helping companies create capabilities to innovate.  After a career in journalism, as a BBC broadcaster, senior editor and manager, Julia used  her communication, production and leadership skills to co-found and manage the  Future of Work Research Consortium with Prof Lynda Gratton.  Julia has a Ph.D. in applied linguistics, alum of CSM, LBS, d.school,  Wharton Fellows and MIT COIN. Julia is based in London and is Chief Creative Director of Gconsultancy. Julia’s approach to innovation combines Forecasting with Design Thinking and Storytelling for success. “Registered and approved Growth Coach.”She is CCO in G


Tim Cooke is a strategist, journalist, facilitator, and digital transformation expert. Tim worked for BBC World Service for 23 years, during which he ran four different language services and worked on two major IT-based change programmes, as well as spending time in the Newsroom and the training department. Before that he lived and worked in Mozambique for eight years, starting as a teacher and moving into broadcast journalism. Tim has a BA in Chemistry from Oxford University and an MBA from Bradford University.  Tim is CEO in G.

thorThorsten Roser is a passionate entrepreneur and innovation guru. He is an internationally qualified growth, innovation and venture management expert with 15 years of practical experience in the field. Thorsten holds a degree in Business Psychology from the University of Heidelberg and PhD in Organizational Social Psychology from the London School of Economics. His academic contributions focus on the management of strategic alliances and collaborative innovation, as well as the practical application of co-creation in the context of strategic venture and portfolio management. His entrepreneurial activities focus on automotive, fashion, film, fmcg, games, luxury goods, medical, music and technology ventures. As innovation and growth consultant he has worked with over 100 companies across a broad spectrum of innovation and growth challenges including SMEs and LMEs. Thorsten is Partner and Commercial Director at Gconsultancy.”Registered and approved Growth Coach.”


 Mandeep Maitra is an Expert consultant and Master Coach. Her career spans over two decades with senior leadership roles in a number of financial and consulting corporations, like ANZ Grindlay’s, Arthur Andersen, Times Bank and HDFC Bank. Mandeep mentors high performing teams and coaches Business Leaders to manage scale, complexity and change. Areas of expertise include Leadership, Collaboration, Talent, Generational Cohesion, Diversity Management and Transformational Change. Mandeep is based in Paris and is the HR Director for  Gconsultancy


Zdenka Krizman  brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from her 30 years with the BBC, where she held senior executive roles like Board Member of Global News, Head of Russian Service, Head of Central European Service, Head of Europe Region, responsible for broadcasts and new media in Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak and Slovene. She has led a lot of media restructuring within the BBC and also in other countries, projects like Bulgaria Media Regulation, Kenya Media Organisation. She is the Chair Person of Hungarian Radio Academy. Zdenka is Director Media Organisation.

Untitled1Gudrun Blankenhaus is an experienced expert in Management Development. She has been holding top executive positions in multinational enterprises, mainly in the engineering  industries. Until 2014 she held the position of Head of Management Development of GEA Group.  She is a Business Coach for Individuals and Organisations focussing on Performance, Talent, Learning and Cultural Management. She has been Board member of the Global Business Consortium at LBS for 5 years with GEA, Emirates, XSTRATA, Oracle, Mars, Nokia Siemens Networks. Gudrun holds a Masters Degree in Educational Sciences for Business Environment and Cultural Management; University of Essen-Duisburg. She gathered her work experience in Europe, Namibia, China and Brasil. Her expertise is on individual and organisational resilience, new leadership styles , generational cohesion, talent programmes and business consortia; working from London and Essen, Germany. Gudrun is Director Talent and Leadership Development.

bleri fotoBlerina Goga is an experienced BBC broadcaster on radio, television and online. Her on air talent and exceptional presence made her a household name in both English and Albanian Language programmes. During her career with the BBC  she broadcasted news and current affairs, features, magazines, pop programs as well as live OB events. She is a presentation trainer, voice coach and media advisor. Blerina is Director Communications&Multimedia. She represents Gconsultancy in Albania.    

Marzia AricoMarzia Arico is passionate about Design and innovation management. Since 2003 she has been involved in a series of cutting edge projects aimed to bring design thinking into innovation   processes. Marzia loves researching, envisioning, investigating and visualising future scenarios through an in-depth exploration of the evolution of society, culture and technology. She designs tools and processes for co-creative research and development. Marzia represents Gconsultancy in the Netherlands

sanika palkar photo (1)Sanika Pankar
is a User Experience and Service Designer. She is inspired by great design. She looks for it in art, the service industry and the world around her. Starting out as a graphic designer, she’s now focusing her energies on Service Design Innovation. She has worked in Tokyo, Mumbai and London in advertising, research and at a marketing innovation agency. Her belief is – good design can change the world. She represents Consultancy in Mumbai.

IMG_9650Joni Shanaj is a film maker, script  consultant and producer of TV spots. His background is in social-anthropology, currently  working as a Lector of Film Directing and Social-Anthropology at the University of Arts, Tirana. Joni Shanaj belongs to the first generation of post-socialist Albanian filmmakers; writer and director of Pharmakon (2012) – his debut length feature film and of one of Albania’s most distinctive features of the last decades. Winner of The Jury’s Special Price – Albanian National Film Festival (2012),  Award of Merit, Lucerne International Film Festival (2013) etc and Albanian Entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards 2013. Joni Shanaj holds an M.A in Social-Anthropology, University of Lund, (Sweden) and a BA in Filmmaking, Skurups Högskola, (Sweden)

erion cuniErion Cuni is a computer systems designer and analyst. A talented developer, coder, user interface and user experience expert, Erion has several popular apps under his belt. He started as an android and ios developer in Italy  before moving to Albania, implementing innovative projects.  In October 2014 in collaboration with a group of mobile developers created Almotech, a non-for profit organisation that promotes the use of technology to improve life.

Laura Santamaria is branding and visual communications consultant with over 15 years multicultural experience in customer trends, user-centred design, innovation and sustainability. She specialises in producing deep-dive cultural, perceptual and behavioural insights for products, services and digital innovations, in order to build brand loyalty by enhancing customer/user experience.

Henrik LeziHenrik Lezi is a graphic designer, art director and copywriter. His experience covers collaborations with print media. He also serves as design advisor for several magazines. His background in social sciences gave him the opportunity to work closely with international  organisations, combining design with social issues. Henrik leads Grid Cartels, a small design Lab concentrating in finding better design solutions to daily social problems.



Nihal Salah is a marketing research, insights and strategy consultant with experience in a range of sectors including tech, education, health and wellbeing, telecommunications and fast moving consumer goods. For the past 10 years she has worked with startups, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions and even Royal Families on helping them derive insights to create impactful strategies


Carolina Avila

 Carolina Avila is an Industrial Designer and Innovation Manager.She’s experienced using Design Thinking and SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking. She has worked with different organizations, in the public, private and social sector, helping them develop their innovation management structures, training internal facilitators on the use of the methodologies, and facilitating projects focused on creative problem solving, new product development, innovation process, service and strategy.Carolina is the co-founder of RiS, a Colombian social innovation consultancy, that’s based on the faith that meaningful innovation, the power of people and their ideas have to transform society and create a better future for the country.  Carolina is based in Colombia.

Linda Nishku

Majlinda Nishku started her career as a university lecturer and teacher trainer. She has an MA in TESOL and Linguistics from the University of Northern Iowa, USA. From 2000, she manages a portfolio career as online facilitator/moderator and  translator / interpreter, providing conference interpreting and translation services to a variety of high profile organisations such as the UNDP, the ICTY, the OSCE, EU Institutions, etc. She is based in London.


Olesja Lami  is a MSC in Architecture and Urban Design. Her interest is mainly focused on urban growth, new urban development strategies, new architectural approaches, diversity within the city, and industrial archeology. She is involved in several interior and exterior projects, in which innovation is found in compositional and spatial particularities.


Klaid Goga graduated Finance and Banking in 2012. After trying his skills out as manager of a small bar and restaurant, sales assistant in a travel agency during the student years, he worked for a year as accountant in Diamant Logistics, one of the biggest transport companies in Albania. Currently Klaid is studying at Brunel University, London, Msc Global Supply Chain Management.