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We help you Design your Future!

We stay with you the whole journey, which combines innovation consultancy, strategy facilitation and creating innovation skills in your team. We are specialised in creating Foresight, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Business Model Canvas, Theory of Change and Story Telling. Following are some of the activities:

Consultancy: Future proofing and  Innovation Strategy 

Our pool of consultants bring a wealth of experience from different industries and cultures. Our research based consultancy will work with you to diagnose where you are , identify the gaps and create a roadmap for future proofing your leaders and your company. We combine insights from years of research with the Future of Work Consortium, with human centred approach to translating insights into opportunities for sustainable implementation. You have the answers, we help you find them. Call us for a free 30 minute conversation.

Facilitation: Strategy Conference/Awayday Facilitation ( large groups)

Our team is made of top executive Facilitators who have been managing strategy conversation in big gatherings face to face and even bigger online. Are you thinking of bringing your top team for an away-day, to align the vision, get the team to know each other at a deeper level, find synergies between different departments…and many more? We’d love to help you.With our research insights, facilitation skills and design thinking toolbox, we  empower you to diagnose where you are, imagine where you you would like to be, tap into imaginative solutions, and develop the mindset and capabilities that are crucial to succeed. We help you tell the story of you future in ways that inspire and motivate. Our clients include organisation like UK Trade and Investment, BT, Tata Consultancy Services, People in Aid ,  British Council, Vodafone Foundation, BUPA, UNDP, UNCCS, Help the Children, GreenPeace, Mondi, Vinci, and more. Call us for a free consultation.

Training: Create Innovation skills -Design Think your Talent.

You have innovation, collaboration and creativity in your vision. How do you get the employees translate it in their daily jobs, what skills and tools do they need to have in order to innovate in whatever they do? We can help you with our programmes, which are designed to be self standing and/or part of established talent and leadership development programmes.  All our programmes are experiential, hands on and learn by doing. We work with organisations like Novo Nordisk, BT, Tata Consultancy Services, GEA, People in Aid , IAF, AMED, We work with a number of Universities, LBS, Central Saint Martins, Loughborough University, Regents University, Brunel University.

Open Innovation Bootcamp ( 48 hours)

Open Innovation is one of the key capabilities to future proof your innovation pipeline. Developing open innovation networks is one of the key competitive advantages that companies like P&G have been building. Are you ready to embrace Open Innovation? We can help you make it a reality. We design and facilitate Bootcamps, Hackathons, Sprints, to enable you to tap into the ideas of a large diverse group of people and 48 hours later you leave with several prototypes.  We also help you nurture the connections you create during the Bootcamp to build meaningful networks for learning and innovation.

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